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This is a FREE webinar and all speakers are presenting "Pro Bono"

The objective of this event is to raise $30,000 for those in the service industry and their families who have been impacted by COVID-19.

We as coaches provide a service to the athletes we work with on a daily basis. We are ultimately servicemen and women. Our hope is to help other industries of service during this time of need.

We understand that not everyone may be in a position to donate. However, if you are willing we ask that you donate what you can for this cause. We also ask that if you are able to donate please do so as soon as you can so we can put the donation money to good works.

100% of donations will benefit the Center for Disaster Philanthropy (CDP) COVID-19 Response Fund.


The Coaches vs. COVID-19 webinar is a 4-day event over two weekends. This webinar is directed towards coaches in the performance sector. However, all coaches are encouraged to donate & tune-in.

 If you want to view more than one session you must sign-up for each session individually. Each session is free to view and will also feature an opportunity to ask questions. All times are listed in the Eastern Time Zone.

*More information regarding NSCA CEUs can be found in the PDF below

All webinars have ended - watch them for free on YouTube below!

Friday, April 3rd

40-min talk, 20-min Q&A 

6pm - 9pm EST

Matt Gildersleeve - University at Buffalo, Head Football Strength & Conditioning Coach​ (6-7pm)

Ron McKeefrey - Fresno State, Assistant AD for Sports Performance (7-8pm)

Mike Robertson - Robertson Training Systems, The Physical Preparation Podcast (8-9pm)

Mediated by: Jay DeMayo

Saturday, April 4th

40-min talk, 20-min Q&A 

10am - 9pm (with breaks) EST

Tommy Moffitt - Louisiana State University, Director of Football Strength & Conditioning



Pat Ivey - University of Louisville, Associate AD for Student Athlete Health & Performance (11-12pm)


Lew Caralla - Georgia Tech, Head Football Strength & Conditioning Coach (12-1pm)

Cam Josse - Former Director of Sports Performance at DeFranco's gym (2-3pm)

Eric Renaghan - St. Louis Blues, Head of Sports Performance


Josh Storms - Florida State University, Director of Strength & Conditioning (4-5pm)

Will Greenberg - Buffalo Bills Strength & Conditioning (6-7pm)

Bob Alejo - California State University Northridge, Senior Associate AD for Performance and Student-Athlete Welfare (7-8pm)

Joey Guarascio - Florida Atlantic University, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach (8-9pm)

Mediated by: Rob Pacey

Friday, April 10th

40-min talk, 20-min Q&A

4pm - 9pm EST

Daniel Guzman - Head Performance Coach at Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC)


Sergio Rojas - San Francisco Giants, Latin American Strength & Conditioning Coordinator


Ryan FaerJeremy Harris - Cleveland Indians, Performance Coordinator + Player Development PT (6-7pm)


Rachel Balkovec - New York Yankees, Hitting Coach (7-8pm)

Group Roundtable (8-9pm)

This will feature all of the speakers listed above.


Mediated by: Jay DeMayo

Saturday, April 11th

Roundtable Discussion

10am - 12:30pm EST

Adam Fletcher - University of Illinois Basketball, Director of Strength & Conditioning​

Jon Sanderson - University of Michigan, Head Basketball & Golf Strength & Conditioning Coach

Dr. Ramsey Nijem - University of Kansas Men's, Director of Men's Basketball Sports Performance

Travis Knight - Gonzaga University, Head Basketball Strength & Conditioning Coach

Alan Bishop - University of Houston, Director of Sports Performance for Men's Basketball

Scott Greenawalt - University of South Carolina, Head Basketball Strength & Conditioning Coach

Dave Richardson - University of Arkansas, Head Basketball Strength & Conditioning Coach

Mike Chatman - Stanford University, Sports Performance Coach Men's Basketball

Casey Cathrall  - University of Dayton, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for Men's Basketball, Men's & Women's Tennis

Michael Hill - Georgetown University, Associate AD for Sports Performance, overseas Men's Basketball

Brady Welsh - Temple University, Director of Basketball Sports Performance

Mediated by: Adam Fletcher & Drake Berberet

Saturday, April 11th

Roundtable Discussion

1pm - 4pm EST

Presentation before Roundtable (1-2pm)

Dan Liburd - Brooklyn Nets, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach 

Roundtable Speakers


Lauren Green - University of California San Diego, Sports Performance Analyst

Dan Liburd - Brooklyn Nets, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

Bryce Murphy - Orlando Magic, Applied Sport Scientist

Suki Hobson - Milwaukee Bucks, Head of Strength & Conditioning

Jenny Moshak - Athletic Trainer/Strength and Conditioning Coach

Carlos Daniel - Vanderbilt University, Head Basketball Strength & Conditioning Coach

Bar Malik - New York Knicks, Director of Performance

Mediated by: Joel Smith